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Welcome to MySliM.

Our offices are based on the West Rand of Johannesburg. Come and experience a slimming treatment that really works. The treatment uses an ultrasound cavitation effect, to create thousands of micro air bubbles around the lipocyte (fat cell) membranes. By means of a very specific resonant frequency, the bubbles will cause pressure around the fat cells. When the pressure reaches the right tension against the lipocytes (fat cell) , the lipocyte's membrane will break up instantly. The broken lipocytes will then be absorbed and metabolized out of the human body by the Lymphatic system. Each treatment is a 20 - 30 minute session with no pain, no cuts and amazing results.

Book a slimming treatment ASAP!

  • Non-invasive treatment without anaesthesia or cutting, easy removal of tough hard fat     tissue.
  • Each session takes less than an hour.
  • Zero impact to your job or lifestyle!
  • Pain free, with no cut, and no side-effects!
  • Long-lasting/permanent results! The fat cells do not re-fill.

  • MySliM is suitable for men and women.
  • A new revolutionary inch loss treatment using ultrasound technology with immediate     results and permanent fat reduction.
  • The ultrasonic waves penetrate deep into the subcutaneous fat layer, causing the fat      cell walls to melt.
  • The treatment is comfortable, painless, and does not affect neighbouring skin     structures, nerves or blood vessels.
  • Typical treatment areas include the abdomen, waist line, bottom, saddlebags, inner     thighs, inner knees and upper arms and jawline.
  • Advantages for the patient? Non-invasive, no down time, immediate and measurable     results.
  • One course of treatment can reduce your waist by an average of 2.5 inches, or one full     dress or jeans size!
  • Our treatment is also highly effective in reducing wrinkles and firms up excess skin.     

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